Abby Anne Miller Talks Debut Music Release, Future Plans

Bradley Curry – Raised Rowdy Contributor

With a mature voice well beyond her years, Abby Anne Miller has a gift that she is using to the fullest making quality country music. She grew up wanting to be like now pop star Taylor Swift and it persuaded her to pursue a career as a country artist. “She really brought me into country music and was a huge idol that I looked up to. As I got a little older, I got into more of the classic country singers like George Strait, Reba McEntire, and Loretta Lynn.” She hopes to continue to grow her own career with the release her debut self-titled album.

Photo by Bravo Charlie Productions

Released in May, the album features some of Miller’s favorite songs such as fan favorite “Silverado.” “Silverado” was my first choice that I wanted to come down to Nashville and record in the studio and it’s actually the first song I’ve put out and make a music video for, with nearly two million views. It has been a song that everyone has loved.” While “Silverado” is a little more mellow, songs like “Girls Love Cowboys” is a hard-hitting song that would be a perfect song to play on Nashville’s Broadway.

Speaking of Broadway, one of Miller’s two biggest goals is actually moving to Nashville and beginning to make a name for herself in the Music City. The other goal is of course to get more music out to fans. “I’ve been writing a lot more of my own songs so I plan on releasing some of those songs at some point.” She certainly has started off on the right foot with this debut album and for the Ohio native, the sky is the limit. To stay up-to-date with Abby Anne Miller, follow her on Instagram @AbbyAnneMiller or visit her Facebook page!


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