Rob Pennington gives us The Perfect Song for a “September Saturday”

Katelyn Law – Raised Rowdy Contributor 

College football is back and you can feel it in the air. Rob Pennington just kicked it off with the song of the fall, taking me right back to Paulson Stadium.

“September Saturday” tells the story that so many people have experienced in their college town on game day, giving listeners the unique twist that the pre-game kept them from making it to the actual game. Rob wrote this tune with fellow artist and songwriter Ray Fulcher saying, “We both enjoyed our college years, and we still love and enjoy watching college football. This song touches on a love story on a particular “September Saturday”, while still giving a portrait and showing the excitement of a college football game day tailgate. I feel like it’s immediate nostalgia for most people because it takes them right back to the good times in college that they had.”

And Rob couldn’t be more right. Listening to this song I am right back walking down Chandler Road heading to the stadium, getting ready to yell “one more time!” No matter who cheer for on Saturday, you can still relate to this song.


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