Meghan Patrick Released Music That Truly Embodies Who She IS With New EP

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder

If you are looking for a cookie cutter female country act you are in the wrong damn place. This article isn’t about your run of the mill country singer or just another project, this write up is about the baddest b*tch in country music. Meghan Patrick, packs her live show with rock and roll passion and the stage presence of one of the greats.

Her music ranges from rocking anthems to heavy love tracks, but this EP  Wild as Me, her first project since her album Country Music Made Me Do It gives you a big taste of exactly who Meghan Patrick is. She’s powerful, tenacious, raucous, talented and driven.

The first song on the album “Girls Like Me” is a SMASH in the making. Telling ALL the things that make her and her music so enticing. It’s a confidence laced track about a guy and a girl. It’s about what draws you to someone and what draws them to you. Let’s call this now this will be Meg’s next #1 single. Bet.

“Things I Shouldn’t Say” is a other confident assertion of focus. Meghan has found love with her boyfriend Mitchell Tenpenny and these tracks steam the confidence that comes from knowing you have someone you can call yours, who really gets you.

“Wild as Me” is another standout that explains exactly what you are looking for. Kind of like Brantley Gilbert’s “My Kinda Crazy” with an edge. The track is catchy and really is a fun one to see live. (Meghan has played some events for us and we have been lucky enough to hear her pay this live). Meghan’s rough edges takes a special kind of person to blend well with and this track takes that emotion and describes it to perfection.

“Praying Right” tells the tale of someone wondering if they are living their life the right way. It asks these questions as someone who wonders if they deserve salvation.  I think the bigger picture of the song is an internal struggle to see if you feel you are walking the right path and how that path fits in your current situation. 

“I Don’t Look At Him” is probably the most industry leaning track, but it’s done in a way that tells you the confidence that she comes to find in a new loving relationship. We don’t know who the hell lost Meg’s love but this track is definitely a little bit of a middle finger to whoever that dude is. Sorry Bubba this ship has sailed.

“Chaser” is the most rocking track on the record and speaks a little to Meghan’s wild side. It’s easy to tell once she hits the stage that Meg has a bad side that you want to be on the right side of. Whether it’s being on the receiving end of a shot or giving yourself that feeling you need by finding someone to help you get over someone.

Each track adds something to this project, it’s a testimony to a strong spirit. A long road to figuring out who you are and who you aren’t. It’s a stop in the journey of life, but one that knows exactly what it is doing. If you know Meghan this is the most sincere group of songs we have seen from her. Each track is a representation of the woman who Meghan has grown to become. Powerful and passionate. Not afraid to call an asshole out or just do whatever she sees fit. She’s got a hard outer shell but a kindness to those she cares about most.

Overall this EP is repeat worthy. Unadulterated and unfiltered Meghan Patrick. Meghan told us “I feel like this is the most ME record I have put out,” and we couldn’t agree more.  It’s country music the way we freaking love it. Real. Honest. Bad-Ass. Country. Hear some of Meghan’s story HERE on our podcast

Grab this EP and give it a deep dive. Meghan is a damn icon, someone who isn’t afraid to be herself. Someone your daughter or son would be lucky to look up to.

Country Damn music at its finest.

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