Parker McCollum Wows with “Pretty Heart”

Katelyn Law – Raised Rowdy Contributor

Recently signing with Universal Nashville, Parker McCollum is taking his Texas roots and bursting onto the country music scene. Not only does Parker have the singing chops and stage presence, he delivers heartfelt, often heart wrenching, lyrics that tell a story many people relate to.

Parker describes his writing as, “its like the songwriting muse takes over. I don’t choose when it hits me, but when it does, I pay attention — and it’s always worth the focus it asks of me.“ And Parker couldn’t be more right. The fruits of his labor are absolutely worth attention.

You can hear Parker’s hard work in his latest single, “Pretty Heart.” The simplistic hook and chorus captures listeners attention and creates a nostalgic outlook on the verse. This song was highly anticipated and it completely lives up to the hype in my opinion. I can’t wait to hear the rest of what I hope to be is Parker’s first full length project with Universal.

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