Daniel Donato Explores the Outer Reaches of Cosmic Country with His Starlight EP

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder and Cosmic Country Disciple

The story of a man and his telecaster. It might seem to be one that you have heard before, but this is definitely not the case if Daniel Donato and his signature Cosmic Country sound hasn’t graced your ears yet. Daniel is a man on a mission, with his music as his transportation to take a winding and twisting road to help redefine a segment of country sound. His guitar is his weapon of choice, one that fuels the sound that the vocals lead down a cosmic highway.  Once you know Daniel and his sound you WILL be blown away. Then each time you hear or see Daniel play there is no doubt exactly who you are listening to. The music and the experience is borderline spiritual.
That’s why we were so excited after the initial two singles being dropped on us earlier this year for the full project to come to fruition. Starlight EP is here and you are going to get a deeper look into Daniel and his music.
Daniel had this to tell us about his new EP and where it all came from, “I want to chisel out what Cosmic Country is in a more tangible way. In this project there are songs that have stories that you can digest simply or look at in more esoteric spacey ways. You can also dance to this record. You can do so with a glowing hula hoop around your waist or a long neck ice cold beer in your hand. Plus, my Telecaster sings like never before on this EP.”
The project packs 5 tracks, each different and special with different elements and influences, but as a whole the project displays a cohesion that often gets lost on shorter bodies of work such as this. The product of this is not just a collection of singles, but it is a trip in a direction, a real expression of a sound so distinct you can almost see the songs as they hit your ears.
The EP starts off with “Luck of the Draw” and while we don’t think Daniel leaves much left to chance with his tireless practice and craftsmanship, he had this to say about the track, “I’ve been playing music in bars for almost 10 Years. Having got my start busking for tips, and then moving into the Honky Tonks, you can see how the odds might be stacked against you. I always go back to trusting in my mission and in what is right. This song is for anyone who is hit by that feeling randomly at times of — what can or does all of this work I do add up to?”  The EP then hits the two singles that Daniel dropped in anticipation of the full release.
We were lucky enough to do two podcasts with Daniel discussing “Sweet Tasting Tennessee” and “Always Been a Lover”. You can listen to those HERE and HERE.
“Love is Gone” ventures into the lost feeling of emptiness that can accompany any major heartbreak. A familiar country music story line, but strung together with the sonic vibes only Daniel can seem to provide. Single yet powerful. Another fantastic song.
The final track is “First Class” which seems reminiscent of a 1970’s style tune with a truly unique vibe. The guitar sings an almost serenade to accompany his vocals on this one and the track has an almost glee filling vibe.
It is no wonder with tracks like this that are both familiar and creative, Daniel has been playing for bigger and bigger rooms. Each time we see him or keep up with him on socials the people who are in the know and get it seems to be growing. The tide is rising on this kind of sound and Daniel is riding that surge on it’s journey upward.
Give this project a listen and grab the EP on iTunes. You won’t regret it. Daniel and his Cosmic Country are here to stay and his time in the spotlight is just starting to really grow. It’s just a matter of time before he exits the starlight and is basking in the light of the sun.

On top of this great new EP, Daniel will also be launching his exploratory podcast aptly titled “Lost Highway Podcast” which will of course feature lots about music, but also things that we can all use to better ourselves. Expect stories from the road. Guests on the show that Daniel finds inspiring. His first guest will be John Osbourne and we cannot wait to give it a listen! Anything that gives you some insight into Daniel’s world is bound to keep our curiosity peeked with each coming episode.

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