Midland Releases Highly Anticipated New Album

Bradley Curry – Raised Rowdy Contributor

As a group that is assisting in bringing back the 70’s and 80’s country sound that many are longing to hear, Midland has had their ups and downs since forming the group. At the time of their emergence, their sound was an acquired taste in mainstream country, with other stars on the other end of the genre’s spectrum like Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett leading the way. Since then, a demand of the sound that many of us grew up listening to has come back to the forefront and who other than Midland to lead the way on bringing that back. Their rhinestone suits, cowboy hats and awe-inspiring harmonies make it difficult for fans to not recognize them and they hope to gain even more credibility with their release of their full-length sophomore album, Let It Roll.

Photo by Justin Kempin

They burst onto the scene with their singles like “Drinkin’ Problem” and “Burn Out” and set the tone for what was to come in the future. Since the announcement of the album release date on June 5th, the group has teased fans with some instant grat tracks like “Put The Hurt On Me” and my personal favorite “Playboys.” Some songs set to release on Friday are songs that were created in the band’s early days in Dripping Springs, Texas. Check out the recently released music video for “Playboys” below:

No matter what side of the country spectrum you tend to lean towards, one can’t help but to appreciate Midland’s vulnerability. In the age where most artists take the stage in a t-shirt and baseball cap, they’re coming out in denim and rhinestones and simply do not care if it’s the norm. Let It Roll is going to be filled with songs that music fans didn’t know they needed, until now. To stay up-to-date on the wild life that Midland lives, follow them on Instagram (@Midland) or on Twitter (@MidlandOfficial) and download Let It Roll everywhere!


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