Hayden Coffman is “Here to Drink” with new single

Trey Bonner – Raised Rowdy Videographer and Contributor


I’m going to start by saying I’m a Crown Royal guy but DAMN Hayden Coffman’s new single “Here to Drink” makes me want to funnel a fifth of Jack D out of a pink flamingo.

I’m hammered.  How did I get here? Where are my keys? These are all phrases you hear quite frequently around the Hayden Coffman crew.  Hayden just released his newest banger “Here to Drink” and it will get you fired up and ready to party.  “Here to Drink” was written with three of my favorite Nashville songwriters – Hayden Coffman, Chandler Brown, and Drake Freeman.  These three guys have also penned several songs already cut by Coffman.

To prepare for this single release, Hayden threw an absolute raging party which was filmed to show everyone that Nashville doesn’t play around when it comes down to drankin’ time. This party included many of your favorite Nashville artists and songwriters, keg stands, beautiful women, handles of liquor and a week-long hangover to follow. Over the next few weeks, Hayden will be posting clips from that night promoting his single.  All I can say is I hope our mommas aren’t on social media to see the videos!

“Here to Drink” features your typical wild night out on the town; staying out way too late, bar fights, embarrassing pictures of yourself, and all the crazy people you meet while out at your local watering hole.  Y’all got to listen to Hayden Coffman’s newest single “Here to Drink”.


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