Birmingham Native Justin Holt Gets Us in Our Feels with Newest Release

Trey Bonner Raised Rowdy Videographer and Contributor

Birmingham native, Justin Holt just released his brand new single “Stay Here Sober.” The track is produced by the talented Josh Bright Productions and the single could easily be on the last few Jake Owen records.

“I’m no good at a one-night stand” — I don’t think truer words have been spoken. It’s in our human nature to brag to our buddies about the blonde girl from the bar the night before, but damn, he really hits home taking us down that road of uncertainty at the beginning of any relationship. Was I just trying to get revenge on my ex? Did she tell her friends, like I told mine? Wait, what’s next?

Justin definitely gets us in our feels in “Stay Here Sober.” If you haven’t driven around listening to music after being confused from a relationship, then I am questioning your sanity. Pretty much everyone can relate to music and I know we’ve all experienced the ups and downs of relationships, wishin’ we would’ve done something differently and then boom—that perfect song comes on. Lucky for you, this is that song!

Justin has been making big moves in the country music world with his last single “Good Lookin’ Waste of Time” having hit over 50k streams on Spotify and continuously climbing every week. Y’all check out Justin Holt’s new single “Stay Here Sober” and follow his page for updates on his shows.


 Here is the studio and acoustic version of it before you grab the download.  Support musicians spend that 99 cents.

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