Acoustic Wednesday: Dawson Edwards “Mama N’ Them”

Trey Bonner – Raised Rowdy Videographer and Contributor


This weeks Raised Rowdy Acoustic Wednesday is “Mama n’ Them” by Dawson Edwards.  Written by: Dawson Edwards. Alex Kline, and Greg Bates.

At the age of 14 Dawson bought his first guitar at a local pawn shop in his hometown of Rome, GA. Shortly after, he was playing local restaurants and bars making a name for himself while still in high school. After graduation Dawson got a job at a Capitoline Inc. building counter tops to save up the money to make the move to Nashville to pursue a career to be a singer/songwriter in country music.

At 19 Dawson made the move to Nashville, and got a job working night shift loading trucks at UPS to make ends meet, while writing during the day. In 2016 he was selected to be in the ASCAP’s GPS program, which allowed him to work closely with Nashville publishers and writers. In December of 2017 Dawson signed an exclusive worldwide publishing agreement with BMG Nashville.

You can hear Dawson’s blue collar, middle class mans point of view; love for God, Family, and the Red, White and Blue throughout  his songs. His style of writing and high energy stage presence draws a diverse crowd at every show.

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