“For Heaven’s Sake” listen to Trent Glisson’s latest tune

Katelyn Law – Raised Rowdy Contributor

Gastonia, North Carolina born artist Trent Glisson has created a unique sound, combining his country, rock, and R&B roots. Trent began playing music at the age of 16 and recently took the ultimate leap, quitting his full time job and moving to Nashville to pursue his dream. And now he has delivered a fun, vibey song that will surely get listeners on their feet.

“For Heaven’s Sake” details a perfect night and a chance encounter with an “angel” who Trent didn’t know “could move like.” When describing the origin of the song, Trent describes, “when I was writing this song I wanted to write something that could make people dance. My producer Matt Geroux helped bring that sound to life.” And just like Trent became a believer in his song, he’s got all of us out here believing in his music.

This is the perfect soundtrack to put on before you head out for a fun Friday night!

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