Morgan Johnston Releases Her Gone For Good Song “Taillights”

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder

With a sound somewhere between Kelsea Ballerini and Jillian Jacqueline, Morgan Johnston has a voice you can definitely imagine playing on your radio as you get into your car to drive away from somewhere or someone you hope to soon leave behind. 

Her newest track “Taillights” is airy enough to be rocked on your tailgate playlist even though the lyrics lend themselves to a girl power type vibe. It gives the story of lost love that you definitely want to keep lost. Saying that “I MEAN IT” goodbye.  Morgan wrote the track with Baker Grissom and Aimee Walden. She had this to tell us about the write:

“The day we wrote “Taillights” I walked into the room and Baker pulled out a Bloody Mary in a can (didn’t even know that was a thing) and I was like, yup, we’re gonna get a good one today. It was actually Aimee and Baker’s idea and they pitched it to me and I was like, wow, I’ve never heard a cooler way to tell someone to take a hike, let’s write it.”

Writing this track wasn’t the only fun to be had in the making of this single though.  Morgan met up with her best friend Julianne Drake for the shoot.
“Julianne was living in Florida at the time and I was in Nashville so we met in the middle and rented an airstream from a family in Atlanta, Georgia. My favorite part of the shoot was the chickens, clearly.”
Whether it’s in an airstream playing with some chickens or cruising down the road, Morgan and her music are sure to please.  Give this track a listen and say goodbye for good to that person that doesn’t deserve your time.


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