Dustin Collins Releases Playful Country Anthem “I Like To Drink”

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder

Well its a known fact around these parts that a majority of our fan base likes to drink… be it some ice cold Diet Millers or some Busch Latte or hell even some of them seltzer waters. We have been known to throw a few back on a hot summer day.  SO when Dustin Collins sent us his new song “I Like To Drink” we quickly fell in love.

Let’s start a list of some of our favorite things that get named dropped in this jam.

  1.  Busch Light
  2.  Day Drinking
  3. Tyler Childer’s music
  4. Jorts
  5. Floating
  6. Did we mention Drinking?
  7. 30 Racks

There is a lot more in there, but that is a good place to start.  Dustin obviously is taking his summer too seriously in this track. Just a good timing, fun, beach/party song and when its done right their is nothing wrong with that.

Give this track a listen and crack a Busch Light or 30 with your crew and raise’em up to what we have left of summer!


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