Moriah Domby Releases Music Video For “When I Need You the Most” *Raised Rowdy Premiere*

Katelyn Law – Raised Rowdy Contributor

Moriah Domby is an Oregon native that moved to Nashville to pursue a music business degree at Middle Tennessee State University. After graduation and working in publishing, Moriah decided to set out on her own path as an artist and songwriter. After playing many iconic venues accompanied by the success of her first releases, it is safe to say Moriah is a rising artist that country music fans should keep an eye on.

And now she’s releasing a brand new music video for her recently released single, “When I Need You the Most.” The emotional song tells the tale that every girl knows all too well of wanting to be strong and fierce and independent however, sometimes you just need someone to help carry the weight of it all. Sometimes when you push someone away you really just want them to pull you in closer.

Moriah portrays this song beautifully through her music video. With a nostalgic and vintage flare, a leather bound journal and old classic vinyl add to the ambiance as Moriah works through her emotions singing the lyrics to her song. I highly recommend giving this a look and the heartfelt song a listen. It’s just the kind of tune you want to listen to when you’re feeling sentimental.


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