Backstage with Ben Johnson – Bring Me Home

A look inside the life of an up and coming country artist


Bring Me Home 


To write a song isn’t a test of skill, but rather a test of patience.


It’s putting together a puzzle that only you or your co-writers know what

it will end up looking like.


It always feels like there’s an invisible person sitting there in the corner

of the room.


The Listener.


We try to tell you what we’re feeling and hope you connect with it, too


With my album, “Bring Me Home”, it was important for me to feel like you were in the room with me as I was writing.


The title track is for my daughter, Addy. I wrote the song with Justin Lantz and Jamie Paulin on my first trip back to Nashville – about 6 weeks after she was born.


I didn’t realize how much I would miss my family. I was having a conversation with Justin and Jamie about it and before you know it…


“My heart will bring me home”, became the hook for the song we were writing that day.

No matter where I go or how long I might be away, I think of my family and remember that it’s all for them – to give them the best life possible.


I hope you’re able to connect with that feeling in your life and that this song will mean as much to you as it does to me.



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