Luke Combs hints at big announcement (New Album?) with Facebook post


Well, this is it folks it seems like this is what we have been waiting for… maybe. 

Looks like Luke Combs is dropping a new album NEXT WEEK… or at least that is what we assume. Let’s take a look at this now.


It seems to make sense as he and the band just started a 6 week touring break which will give Luke plenty of time to go promote the project or whatever is dropping. 

Not that it will need that much promotion. Luke is the biggest thing in country music right now with star power for days. 

Luke has been dropping videos of the new tracks and asking for feedback from fans as to which song they like the most. This is pretty standard release promotion in today’s day and age. ALTHOUGH it could just be a new single dropping as opposed to the album. 

We cannot wait to hear the newest tracks mastered versions of the songs he has played out or released videos of.  

Until them give his EP a listen to ramp yourself up for whatever is to come!

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