Ashley McBryde Describes Where Musicians go in the Afterlife in “Southern Babylon”

Bradley Curry – Raised Rowdy Contributor

By now, everyone who follows Raised Rowdy knows our appreciation for whiskey drinking bad-ass (as Eric Church likes to call her) Ashley McBryde. After spending years grinding in bars and being turned away, her resilience has brought her to the top with songs like “Girl Going Nowhere” and her first hit “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega.” Recently, a new live version of “Southern Babylon” was released to give fans the feeling of being in the crowd during the performance. 

Photo by Katie Kauss

Fans could first hear the studio version back in 2018 when McBryde included it in her breakout album Girl Going Nowhere. The song begins with the fans cheering and an electric guitar making a mysterious and eerie sound, adding to the organic nature of a live version of the track. McBryde released a video in concurrence to the song, check it out below:

Live versions often reveal one thing: does the artist sound better, worse or just diffrent than in the studio? There’s no doubt what the answer is to that when it comes to Ashley McBryde. She’s as real as it gets. This version gives fans who haven’t seen her live, a glimpse of how rockin’ her concerts really are.

If this has convinced you to see her live, visit to find tour dates! Fans can also find her on Instagram and Twitter @AshleyMcBryde to receive updates on new dates, music, etc.


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