Backstage with Ben Johnson – Daddy’s Dogs

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This post has nothing to do with music. No crazy stories. Nothing thought provoking.

This post is all about my 2:00am obsession with Daddy’s Dogs.


This has happened to me on more than one occasion and I know many of you Nashvillian’s will be able to relate…


It’s early on a Tuesday night; you and your friends just got done with a write and decide to head over to one of your favorite Midtown beer joints. You’re planning on having a beer or two and then going home to binge watch Designated Survivor. 


But then you run into another group of like minded friends. You get caught up talking and someone says, “Hey, let’s go meet Mike over at Loser’s”…. The next thing you know you’re sitting in the back room 11 beers and 2 rounds of shots later, and it’s bar close. 


You step outside to walk home or order your Uber and it hits you. The phenomenal smell of cased meat sizzling on the grill. Suddenly you feel like you’re one of those cartoon characters being levitated to a fresh pie sitting on the windowsill. 


Now you’re staring face to face with the impossible to choose menu at, DADDY’S DOGS.


Try all you want, but the thing is, you don’t choose the dog… The dog chooses you.


Every damn time that Music City Dog calls my name and if only for a few brief moments, we’re reunited.  


There’s no shame. No guilt. No worrying about the Uber driver leaving as you’re contemplating getting another dog.


Pure bliss.


When I walk through the pearly gates I hope there’s a honky tonk playing Travis Tritt. My friends and family will be there with hugs and smiles and as I sit down there’s a cold beer and a Music City Dog waiting on me.


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