Joe and Martina release new single “Pink Flamingo”

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder and Pink Flamingo enthusiast

You may be thinking that you have not heard us over here at Raised Rowdy talk about this duo yet, well that would be wrong, but also slightly correct. Joe and Martina are the duo formerly known as Terra Bella. Ok, now you remember them. They are the same duo that Derek and Nick gushed about their amazing stage presence together and that released a music video to CMT.

Some artists use a name change as a way to change their identity or to try to get some kind of musical freedom that they have lost a crave. Think Chris Gaines or the artist formerly known as Prince. This though, is NOT the case for Joe and Martina. You can expect the same meaningful lyrics and the same western styling you have come to know.  Sensibility with a splash of wild and fun.

Joe and Martina are just calling themselves what they have always been; Two amazing artists, who are happily married and play the songs they love together. Now that we have their new-ish introduction out of the way, let’s get into their new single, which is the debut of their work under their new moniker.

Pink Flamingo hits on that wild and fun side we have talked about. The song was written by Joe, Molly Bowers, and Lisa Daye and he has this to tell us about the song and the day of the write.

“Martina and I have an old beat up plastic pink flamingo in our backyard that we brought to Nashville from our old house in CA . I had just finished a song with two of my favorite writers Lisa Daye and Molly Bowers and we were chillin in our backyard talking about maybe trying to write another one that day..Lisa noticed the lawn decoration, looked over at me and said “ about we write a song called Pink Flamingo?” I said “Damn I love that… can it be about someone getting drunk with a plastic flamingo?” We all laughed and wrote us a COUNTRY as cornbread tune about someone getting drunk with a Pink Flamingo.”
A song built on lost love and twangy guitar that is expected from a classic country song, but with the twist of a new found best friend being that crusty old pink lawn ornament. Fun and playful with strong western roots is what you are getting in this new track. If the clip of the new music video is to be believed, we CANNOT wait to see it in full.


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Give this one a spin and let your feet hit the lawn with a 24 pack of Busch Lite and your favorite beach chair and make some new friends. If you don’t have a pink flamingo a lawn gnome will probably do the trick!


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