Muscadine Bloodline shares what it’s like to find the right person in latest single.

Bradley Curry – Raised Rowdy Contributor

There’s no doubt that Muscadine Bloodline is one of the most popular bands among the Raised Rowdy family and it’s because of their unique melodies and harmonies in hit songs like “Porch Swing Angel” and “Shut Your Mouth” (a personal favorite). They’re continuing to put these tools to work in their latest single “Put Me In My Place.”

Released on May 31st, “Put Me In My Place” has already gained lots of traction, already having over 286,000 views on the music video which was also released in conjunction with the single. Like the music video portrays, the lyrics speak of finding that special person that you’re ready to change your entire life for. It’s a great message that’s authentic and is just another accolade that shows Muscadine Bloodline is here to stay. 

This new single will be on their setlist for the rest of their summer and likely for years to come. You can hear this song live as they travel to Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and of course their home state of Alabama, in the coming months. To find all tour dates, visit their website or follow them on Instagram and Twitter @MuscadineBline!

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