Hayden Coffman paints every man’s dream in newest release “Last First Date”

Trey Bonner – Raised Rowdy contributor and videographer.

I think it’s fair to say most of us have been in awful relationships.  These relationships leave us wanting, hoping, and praying that every person we meet might be our soulmate and we will finally get to stop going on awkward first dates.  “What’s your favorite food, color, etc?” Most first dates are both people asking 100 questions at your local neighborhood Chili’s until you decide to either go back to someone’s apartment or never speak again.

Hayden paints the picture of every country boy’s dream in his newest single, “Last First Date”. Going on a date with a beautiful girl, in a cut off tee, with some good lookin’ tight blue jeans and it finally being his last first date.  This song is a refreshing reminder that there is hope for all of us to find love.  Hayden co-wrote this song with Drake Freeman and Chandler Brown.  Chandler was also a writer on the last single Hayden released, “That’s Just Me”.  Apart from being a great writer, Drake Freeman has his own career as a southern rock country artist.

Hayden Coffman’s new single “Last First Date” has powerful vocals, strong lead guitar, and catchy melodies.  Y’all check out my friend Hayden’s music!

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