Noah Hick’s releases his Sophomore single “It Ain’t Me”

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder

Noah Hicks punched the country world right in the mouth with his debut single “Raised On The Radio” which showed off his vocal chops as well as radio friendly sound. Noah has followed that up with another hard hitting, good timing single “It Ain’t Me”.

While still very early in his musical career, Noah has been writing some great songs. When we first heard of Noah and his music it was easy to see he had that thing you can’t really teach. That same thing that you can’t really create, you either have it or you don’t and Noah has a LOT of it.

His newest single, which he co-wrote with Elijah Borders, Tyler Chambers and Dylan Marlowe takes the old, easy way out, let down of “it isn’t you it’s me” and turns it on it’s head. Upbeat and made to be played at a live show, “It Ain’t Me” is sure to help you get the good times rolling this summer. Crank this sucker up at your next tailgate and say goodbye to that spring fling.



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