Tucker Bethard laments an experience that most can empathize with in new single

Bubba McAllister Raised Rowdy Contributor

In “Find Me Here”, it’s as if Tucker was the dude in your adjoining room at a hotel and you overheard his prayer in what the song paints as a shitty motel, in the middle of nowhere, with a girl no more familiar than the town, or motel you’re at. I find this song very relatable, almost exactly word for word, but on a zoomed-out level, who hasn’t had a moment of clarity among a night of fun, where the booze wears off, and clarity sets in.

This song speaking of truth, and authenticity. Over a bed of soft acoustic guitar, almost as if any other instrument would take away from the depth of the experience, just a single guitar, and simple melody to help connect words. This song hits the way Love and Theft’s “Whiskey On My Breath” and Brad Paisley/Alison Krauss “Whiskey Lullaby” hit. Whether you’re a fan of top-40 or the old stuff, this song speaks just loud enough to relate to all of us. For a quick second, amidst the tanlines, beers, and brawls, the veil is pulled back. A look into real songwriting, real emotion and hopefully the inertia of what has sustained our genre this far, songs about real life.

“I wish I was on a plane or hopping trains
Steady with my thumb in the air, waving down a cab somewhere
Really I don’t wanna be caught in room 316
With a hotel bible as a coaster underneath my beer
And Lord if you woulda said tonight’s the night
You’re coming back, I hope you don’t find me here”

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