Top reasons you need to go to CMA Fest 2020

Well guys we at Raised Rowdy really are fans of country music first.  We are just like anyone else, just really big music fans with a desire to see as many of our favorite artists as we can.  So CMA Fest, for us, is the peak of festival season for a true country music fan. Whether you get to see acts all year long or you only make it to a few live shows, CMA Fest is built to get you immersed in live country music for four full days of fun.

CMA Fest is PACKED full of free stages that go all day and then the Nissan Stadium shows have pretty much every touring headliner that is out there all jammed into four days of shows.

We are going to break down a few reasons why this festival should be a bucket-list event for you and your country music loving friends.

There is something for everyone. Whether you lean towards 90’s country, traditional country or pop country, you can find your fix of what you like best.  With so many acts you are bound to know, or at minimum stumble upon music you’ll love, see that band that isn’t quite big enough to make it to your area, or that old crooner who is not really touring much any more.  It is ALL there.

Find your tribe. Everyone in town is there for CMA Fest. If you are not a country music fan you will want avoid that week and the fanatical droves of fans. We though have met so many great, long lasting friends in our years of attendance.  People we have gotten to know and possibly see at other shows throughout the year, or just talk to about new music you have discovered.  Music friends are the best friends, so go find more for yourself!

Most stages are FREE. All day from 10 AM to 7 PM there are headlining quality artists playing all throughout town. It’s legit overload. We promise that there will be times when you are left contemplating which amazing artist you should see and how to fit them all in.  It’s that darn good.

It’s the perfect girls/guys trip.  Is your significant other not really a country fan? If so have you tried brainwashing them? Yes, you have and it didn’t work? Well then rally your girls or guys and get to Music City to enjoy the week together. It is cheaper to get hotels with your crew when you can pack a room with 4-6 people so grab your crew and get to CMA to enjoy all there is to offer together. We promise you will talk about it for years to come.

So many tertiary events. You can drop in any bar that week and see an amazing performer. Also lots of artists are in town so they host their fan club shows that week.  Hell sometimes Raised Rowdy even helps pitch in on a writers round or two. Check out details online and on CMA Fest’s website.


The big thing is to be present for this event. If you make it to town and love country music you are winning.  SO make your plans now for next year and get the wheels rolling. Remember it’s for a great cause too.


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