Styles Haury has your ticket to living the good life with his new single “Summertime Sundown”

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder who is out there living the good life.

Summertime is upon us. That means long days full of daylight and trips to the coast, lake or at least the pool. It is the time most people are happiest. Good times spent with family and friends chasing memories or washing them away with some brews, either way it is a damn good time.

Our man Styles Haury captures the spirit of what summer is in his newest single “Summertime Sundown”.

The song is the perfect riding down the road, with the windows down and your favorite pair of shades on kinda song. One that even if you are stuck at work on a dreary day can instantly take you to a bright, airy beach in your mind.

Styles wrote “Summertime Sundown” with James Kelly and Kenny Royster. “The day we wrote ‘Summertime Sundown’ it was after a two week run through in the Carolinas in the heat of summer. We wanted to write a summer anthem song that truly represents summer. A song that makes the fans feel that summer is here and let’s enjoy it.  The party’s on the water, picking guitars, cold beer and of course the memories.”

So crank that sucker up loud and cruise your way to that getaway beach town, even if only in your mind.


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