Top 5 Country Ain’t Country No More

Jon Galiotto – Raised Rowdy Contributor

Tracy Lawrence hit the nail on the head back in 1996 when said the only thing that stays the same is everything changes.  Country music has come a long way in the last 30+ years and your grandfather, dad and uncle aren’t afraid to remind you of that.  That being said, the classic country feel from artists still exists!  Below are my Top 5 Artists that you can use to prove your “country ain’t country” friends wrong.

Chris Stapleton

I mean, the man wins basically every single award and has the voice of a damn angel.  He has the raw, gritty vocals and lyrics that make you believe every word he says. If his music isn’t enough. A force of nature on the microphone and lyrics built to rip you apart emotionally. 


Dillon Carmichael

Dillon blew us away at a Songwriters Session at the Country Music Hall of Fame earlier this year.  His music is the epitome of three cords and the truth with steel guitar on everything. Feel the words he sings and dance around the dancefloor. 


Erin Enderlin 

Erin’s authentic sound and heartfelt lyrics are reminiscent of the early days of The Judds.  Check out her recent EP releases that came out this year leading to the full record. This is what country music should sound like folks. 


Chris Canterbury 

Chris’ voice and slow ballads scream country music.  There is not a song on his Refinery Town album you will skip over. Pure country gold packed with deep emotion and powerful phrasing. 


Carlton Anderson 

Carlton has that deep baritone sound that you look for in country music.  ‘Drop Everything’ has had some airplay so you might recognize it.  Dig a little deeper and you will be hooked.

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