5 artists that will be playing MUCH bigger stages at CMA fest next year!

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder


CMA fest does a great job of helping shine light on artists that are just starting to get juice in the music world. They do a great job of giving us music fans intimate settings to see artists and really watch their stars shine.  SO here is our predictions of some of the artists that will be playing to much larger crowds by next CMA fest!


Dan Smalley– Dan is signed to Big Machine Label group and he just might be one of the voices that will help save some disenchanted country music fans. We cannot wait for his debut label project to be here.

Hannah Dasher– Miss Hannah is one of the biggest personalities and voices to come our way in years. She is about to show country music what it is like if Dolly Parton had a wild streak and played an electric guitar. You can’t stop this train from rolling.

HARDY– Dude has not only already


written more killer and catchy songs that most do in their whole career, he is just a plain damn good time. He kills it every time he touches the stage and he’s about to take over mainstream radio one song at a time.

Lainey Wilson– Style for days, personality for days and songs for days. Lainey is one of the biggest stars in country music just waiting to happen.  Once her next project drops, watch out. She has the total package of what makes an artist successful long term.

Ray Fulcher- Can we get this man a damn record deal already. One of our favorite EPs of 2019 so far.  Killer live set that takes you from a rocking guitar driven song all the way to a heartfelt tale of lost love.  A songwriter’s songwriter. This boy has got it going on.

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