“Ain’t Always the Cowboy” is the country song we didn’t know we needed

Katelyn Law- Raised Rowdy Contributor

Jon Pardi has been slowly releasing songs that are sure to be on his new album titled “Heartache Medication.” And he might have just dropped my favorite song that he has ever released with classic country/western sounding “Ain’t Always the Cowboy.”

This song provides a different take on a leaving song featuring a cowboy, paying homage to the King of Country music George Strait’s hit “The Cowboy Rides Away.” Written by Brandon Kinney and Josh Thompson, “Ain’t Always the Cowboy” tells the story of a cowboy in love with a girl that has her mind dead set on leaving. Somehow, the coin has been flipped and now the cowboy is on the losing end of the relationship. This song brings a vulnerability to the cowboy brand and shows the softer side of what is typically portrayed as a bullet proof character type in usual country songs.

The deepness of this song resonates greatly with me as I am sure it will with many people. So crank it up and enjoy this song that will make your heart hurt in the best way possible.

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