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Small Town, USA


Have you ever lost your wallet? If you have, you know that it sucks…big time. I have only lost my wallet once and it happened three weeks ago while I was playing a show at Molly’s on Main in Plum City, WI. This sytory is a huge shout out to them and it shows the kinship that every small town across our great country exhibits.


I had just walked off stage after my first set, reached in my back pocket, and realized that MY WALLET WAS GONE…

                             -I always have it on me, even when I’m playing. It wouldn’t have been a big deal, but I still had all of the money I had been paid from the night before…I looked everywhere then went up to the bar manager and asked if anyone had turned it in. Nobody had seen it. I had no idea where it was.


Plum City is a town of roughly 600 people and damn near half the town was there that night. Word got around and within 5 minutes the entire place was on a man hunt for this missing wallet. The  town took me in as one of their own.

It didn’t matter if I was basically a stranger or that it was Saturday night and they were there to have a good time. They dropped everything and took the next half hour trying to help. You could feel the bond this town shared and how that mentality was ingrained in everyone there.


We didn’t find the wallet. I got back on stage and played my last set.


I had no idea, but while I was playing, everyone pooled their money together and raised damn near the exact amount that I had lost in my wallet.


This was going WAY BEYOND THE CALL.


Right now, this is the best way I can say thank you, but I hope to be able to give back to their community sometime in the future. It’s a gesture that mean more to me than the money ever could and is something I’ll remember the rest of my life. God bless Plum City and all of the small towns across America.  


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