Lucas Ebert explains life on the road in new EP

Bradley Curry  – Raised Rowdy Contributor

Many artists have stories of falling on hard times, but not many have a story quite like Lucas Ebert. As a native Texan and son in a musical family, Ebert grew up learning about what kind of hard work it took to make it to the big stages. With just minimal cash, his acoustic guitar and clothes jammed in a backpack, Ebert set out to make a name for himself, hitch-hiking across the country to historically musical towns like Nashville, Memphis, and New Orleans. Fans can hear about these stories on his new EP titled The Wild Road Sessions.

Photo by D. Anson Brody

This five-track EP tells the compelling story of grit and determination while also giving fans some songs to party to. Both “Chewin’ on a Mushroom” and “Drunk and Stoned” are energetic boot-stompers and tracks like “The Road” are very honest and organic.

If someone were to hear this story, many would think it was a script to a movie, but Lucas Ebert lived it. Ebert says that this project is “for anyone who prefers their Outlaw Country raw, with a touch of the strange and the outlandish.” After busking night after night, he finally hitch-hiked his way to some notable stages and playing with other notable artists. On June 27th, he will be taking the stage at Whiskey Jam and August 22nd, he will return home to Texas to play the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo with Flatland Cavalry and Josh Ward. To see other tour dates, new music and other announcements, give him a follow @LucasEbertMusic on Instagram and Twitter, or visit!

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