Authentic to her roots, Erin Enderlin tells her tale in three-quarter time

Bubba McAllister – Raised Rowdy Contributor
Photo: Ryan Nolan
“Single Barrel double shot on ice
Sitting here talking to a stranger
‘cause I don’t want to be alone tonight”

Erin Enderlin, who is soon to be household name, has been an absolute wordsmith and found initial success by putting out haunting, authentic, and emotionally stirring songs since spring break at her Alma Matter MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN. Erin will now offer up her sophomore album which was co-produced by a staple in country music, Jamey Johnson and Jim Moose Brown. In Music City she hit the song writing equivalent of a walk-off grand slam in penning her inaugural smash hit for Alan Jackson, “Monday Morning Church”. Like manna from honky tonk heaven, her song had been heard and loved by the aforementioned super star. This big break provided direction and the ushering in for her introduction to 16th ave.  It was the beginning of a dream for a girl from Conway, Arkansas.

Growing up on standards and jukebox classics, traditional country music would provide a passion for the genre and lead her down the path she is currently on with writing and eventually cutting her first record Whiskeytown Crier. She had her proverbial hand held and shown the way by stone cold country legend Jamey Johnson, by who in his own right cutting songs in the exact same vein as what Erin was aiming for. Upon first meeting the Nashville up and comer, he presented her with the question; “Who are you afraid to cover?” To which she responded, a classic tune “Till I Can Make It On My Own” by Tammy Wynette. His response, to her surprise, was something along the lines of ‘that’s where we will start’. As I’m sure you’re aware, Tammy Wynette is in the upper echelon of country music lure and is certifiable Nashville royalty. For a young girl who dreamt of hearing her songs sung back to her as she pours her heart out on stage, beginning at “Till I Can Make It On My Own” would seem like a daunting task, but Erin instead used it as a launching pad.

In her exclusive interview with Raised Rowdy, she told stories of being a member hopeful and continual performer on the production that would be the envy of many; the Grand Ole Opry. Ms. Enderlin has had the privilege of opening for icons such as Willie Nelson and Kitty Wells. She has penned songs of heartbreak and misery like “You Don’t Know Jack” by Luke Bryan and Lee Ann Womack’s “Last Call”. Now her latest EP’s leadoff single “Tonight I Don’t Give A Damn”. Her transition from writing songs for others, albeit legends, she now hopes to burn up the airwaves with her forthcoming album. As a way of giving listeners smaller, bite sized content Erin and her label will release four extended plays in preparation for her new record, coming out fall 2019.

Photo: Amy Peterson

Erin’s former roommate was none other than Grammy award winning Nashville recording artist Chris Stapleton. She fondly remembers getting the most intimate of performances from her housemate by way of her air conditioning vent for years. Like her old friend Chris and his transition from writer to performer there is no doubt the songstress will usher in a new wave of fans and continue to add to her already impressive catalog of songs. In her effort to reach super stardom as her contemporaries, life-long friends and heroes, she has taken what in 2019 is only described as the long way around. Rather than sampling tracks from lower Broadway’s finest she has taken the route of comprising an album by her own life experiences and memories that have been admired by Texas’ favorite son, Willie Nelson. She recalls “I couldn’t believe it, he knew the lyrics to one of my songs and we hung out on his bus and watched Gunsmoke”.

Stories, check. Life experiences, check. Songs that will stop you dead in your tracks, check. All seems in order for the girl from a small town in Arkansas. If you would like to hop on the train now and be up on what’s next on the radio, then have your iTunes ready and eyes peeled for her forthcoming, and second installment of a four part EP story entitled Chapter One: I Can Be Your Whiskey set to drop on June,28th. For a “newcomer” and a bar set so high by countless legends before her, Erin certainly has the gift that is sure to make her a chart-topper and keep her name up in the lights of the marquee for many years to come.

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