Top 5 Word Play Songs

Jon Galiotto

Raised Rowdy Contributor

Songwriters and Artists have an amazing ability to transform the meaning of lyrics throughout a song.  I find this skill pretty damn awesome and wanted to highlight my Top 5 Word Play Songs.

Eric Church – “Cold One”  

Is there anything colder then your significant other blindsiding you and walking out the door? The answer is yes, when they take one of your cold ones on the way out.  Studies have shown that the perfect number of cold ones that you need to consume after being walked out on is twelve, not eleven.

Morgan Wallen – “Whiskey Glasses”

Neal Mccoy told us years ago how Billy uses his beer goggles to get through his heartbreak.  Now Morgan Wallen lets us know that whiskey glasses can also help to fill that void. Throughout the song Morgan cleverly switches the hook with needing a pair of whiskey glasses that you wear to change your eyesight and a pair that you fill with whiskey — or whatever your drink of choice.

Ryan Hurd – “Down to a T”

Ryan Hurd’s “Down to a T” captures 2 of the best parts of a relationship – fully understanding someone and fully undressing them.  Kuddos to Ryan for this genius song.

Adam Hambrick – “Rockin’ All Night Long” & “Country Stars”

From the first time I heard “Rockin’ All Night Long” it hit home on so many levels. It’s amazing how the same four words can capture how you can rock all night long in every stage of your life.  Adam touches everything from rocking at parties when you’re young to rockin’ your baby to sleep all night long.  Adam gets a second song because I just heard him play “Country Stars” at CMA Fest and think it fits perfect.  This one is about looking up to both the Arkansas sky to see stars and Country Music Stars.


Mitchell Tenpenny – “Alcohol You Later”

I saw Mitchell at a songwriter round a few weeks ago and heard the story of how this song came to life. Apparently some redneck at Losers Bar in Nashville was saying “I’ll call you later” and it sounded like alcohol you later.  There’s something about a good buzz that makes you want to call everyone in your phone (especially the ones you shouldn’t).

Luke Combs – “Beer Can”

At first you think this song is about a Top 5 receptacle for drinking beer, however it also refers to beers abilities.  Think about it, beer does a lot of things. It “can” make you happy it “can” make you sad and it “can” get you through things but most importantly it “can” come in a “can”. Luke does a great job at telling us how both he and beer lift each other up in perfect unity.

These are just a couple examples of how a songwriter/artist can transform how the same words make you feel or think with a small twist. There are about a million other examples of this so let us know any of your favorites!

P.S. – Beers “can” be shotgunned out of a “can”.

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