Justin Biltonen drops new single to ramp up his Country music career “Runaway”

Justin Biltonen, who you might know from being the Bass player for 3 Doors Down is beginning his solo Country music career with a new single titled “Runaway”.

Justin tells us “Runaway” is a song about how wild and unstoppable young love can be. We wrote it with a lot of 90’s country story telling in mind and also brought that out in the recording. Maks Gabriel has recorded and produced my other singles and we’ve really found this mix of old and new country in my sound. “Runaway” is one of those songs that just felt “right” to me, and I am really proud and cant wait for folks to hear it.”

That classic country story mixed with the right mix of modern and retro. It’s all the rage in Nashville and Justin adds a solid addition to the mix. So give this one a listen and let us know what you guys think!


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