Reid Haughton releases his second single “Ain’t Close To Anywhere”

 Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder

Reid Haughton is a name you should start getting familiar with if you love country music.  Reid’s debut single “Make You Mine” is on rotation on our playlists and we were chomping at the bit waiting for some more new music.

So once we heard a release date for a new track it was easy to get excited. Reid’s follow up single “Ain’t Close To Anywhere” is just as catchy as his first single.  You will hear it’s simple lyrics resonating in your head for a long time after your last listen.

Reid, like his cover photo suggests, paints a picture of the towns he and so many other folks grew up in. Marked by the same little stores and stop signs that mark oh so many small towns across this great land. It’s about where you grow up and the feeling you get while being there. It’s about country music and country people.

Reid is one of the crop of really talented artists doing their thing in Alabama. For this track he got the chance to write with one of our other favorites, Blane Rudd.

Reid told us “I wrote “Ain’t Close To Anywhere” with my good friend Blane Rudd. We both grew up in very small towns in Alabama and connected over that. We discussed how a lot of people look down on small towns and their way of life but it’s something we embrace and will always love. This is a song for our people back home.”

Sit back, relax and take your mind down that back road you know like the back of your hand with “Ain’t Close To Anywhere”.


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