Carlton Anderson and Ian Munsick’s take on “God’s Country” has us wishing for a full version.

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder

Come on guys you can’t do us like this. We need the full video of this song.  This one minute video is pure gold, and we can’t be expected to not hear the whole thing.

Carlton’s classic country draw mixed with Ian’s unique and modern sound, mesh well to bring this summer time hit to a new level. One minute is just a tease though, we assume this is purposeful to make a connection with us but leave fans wanting more.  That more can be found in the next video or by seeing these guys play live.

Carlton and Ian both drop videos of this caliber frequently using videographer Greywood. Each one is timely and of great quality.  Check out Ian and Hannah Dasher’s one minute of the controversial song Old Town Road as another example.

Make sure to follow these dudes on Insta to keep up with what they are doing next. Two of the brightest shining stars in Nashville.



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