6 Country Artists You Might Not Know But Should

Nicky T – Raised Rowdy’s head idiot


Ben Chapman

Young, talented and driven, Ben Chapman has been writing some amazing songs with some of our favorite writers since moving to Nashville.  He’s a Georgia boy with some killer pipes and he calls one of the most authentic fellas in country music, Channing Wilson a friend.  The sky’s the limit for Ben. Keep an eye out for him.


Cam Spinks

Cam’s music is very traditional sounding in the way that you believe every word he sings as facts. The lyrics and tone of his voice really do the heavy lifting.  His song “Got it from My Daddy” is possibly my favorite song right now.  He’s got that IT to his music you can’t teach.  Give him a listen.


Gabe Lee

We have posted about Gabe’s amazing album farmland and it’s honestly crazy it hasn’t been touted as one of the best Americana albums of 2019 in more places. It’s just that damn good.


Ian Munsick

Ian comes from a long line of talented musicians. His voice is unique and his style is all his own. He also had the best falsetto in country music.


Kristen Foreman

After hearing her single “Blackout” we couldn’t get enough of her authentic sound. Her follow up release “Falcon 63” came out next and these tracks have us salivating for what is coming next.


Lance Peace

Lance gets his musical background honest. Growing up in a very musical family, he is paving his own way with some really killer singles.  Give em a listen and you will be able to tell why he and his music made this list.

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