Jordan Rager talks about how life would be if he was “Colorblind” in new single

Katelyn Law

Raised Rowdy Contributor

Jordan Rager has shocked us all with the surprise release of his new single “Colorblind.” This new song was completely unexpected and has delivered heartfelt lyrics that bring a unique take on the age old story of a heartbreak. Jordan begins the song by describing the hunter green colors of the walls and pale yellow throw pillows. The vivid imagery used describes how he never noticed them before, alluding to the fact that sometimes it takes a major event for our eyes to be opened to the way life is happening around us.

With every little detail in his every day life, Jordan has a hard time moving on. The color of the sky even reminds him of his love’s eyes, making him pray for rain so that it would fade to grey. Jordan sings, “maybe goodbye would be easy if i could see in black and white. God, I wish that I was colorblind.” The dramatic building to the hook of the song boldly proclaims that maybe the relationship’s end would be easier if every color Jordan sees faded away and he wasn’t constantly reminded of distant memories.

When asked about how “Colorblind” came to be, Jordan describes his single saying, “I wrote “Colorblind” with my buddy Michael Whitworth and my producer Chris Stevens. I knew we had something special that day in the writers’ room. It’s not very often I hear an idea so unique that I think, “Wow, never heard it that way before,” but that’s definitely how I felt with this song. I’m so excited for people to finally hear it.”

And we couldn’t agree more! This song’s depth is refreshing. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend sitting down, taking a deep breath, and absorbing its meaning.

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