Gannon Fremin & CCREV: Heir to the Red Dirt Throne

Jed Crisp – Founder of Texas Local Live

I know what you’re thinking, that’s one hefty title to give an unknown band from a small town in southern Oklahoma. But it won’t be long before you will be singing their tunes out at one of their shows.  This young band has been hard at it for four years now and with their debut single “Can’t Help Myself”, they are fit to take over the Texas music scene and take it over fast. They bring the stage presence of a well-seasoned group and the energy that young rocks stars should.

 Their live set is one of the best ones I have seen in a long time. It is slammed pack full of energy and the momentum doesn’t die till the very end. Front man, Gannon Fremin provides most of the lyrics to their songs as well as that gritty, throwback vocal tone. CCREV brings the rock and roll and drives the show all night long.

 In all my years of being on the Texas music scene, I have not seen/met a band as driven and poised to become the “next big thing” on the scene. I am expecting a Koe Wetzel type of arrival from these guys and nothing less in the next 18 to 24 months. They have already shared the stage with acts like Parker McCollum and No Justice, with nothing but bigger openers in their future.  Then shortly after major headlining acts. Do yourself a favor and add these guys on Spotify then go like their Facebook page.

We would like to announce as well that Raised Rowdy will be the exclusive single release for Gannon Fremin & CCREV May 31st for their second single “Lessons Learned”.  Like a follow up single should, it keeps right on pace with their sound and is another all-around solid tune.

This is a band that not only should, but needs to be on your radar, your friends’ radar and your grandmas’ radar. Gannon Fremin & CCREV have arrived and they are here to stay!

For more information or if you’re interested in booking Gannon Fremin & CCREV at your venue or private event, reach out to

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