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I’m a Member of the Country Club


 I’m a huge fan of Travis Tritt. The Dude has one of my favorite voices in country music and has a song for just about every situation life can throw at you.


  • Going through a bad break up? Put on “Anymore”.
  • Finally over said break up? listen to a little “Here’s a Quarter”.
  • Want to put yourself in a good mood? Throw that rice in the microwave, grow that fu manchu, and jam out to “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive”.


How about when you’re driving around a golf course at 3 AM and get your truck stuck on the 15th hole… “I’m a member of a country club…Country music is what I love…I drive an old Ford pick-up truck”


Fore! Truck stuck on Stillwater golf course over weekend

Yup, that happened.


We were playing the after party for the 2018 American Heroes Golf Classic; a yearly golf tournament held to honor the life of Bryan McDonough and to raise funds for The Bryan McDonough Military Heroes Foundation.


The party was amazing and we literally played until they pulled the plug on us. After the show we loaded everything up and started to head out. I was following a couple of the other guys in the band on the way out and assumed they knew a shortcut when they started driving down a cart path…they didn’t.


We drove around the golf course for the next 10 minutes and almost made our way out when the guys  crossed over a small bridge on the cart path. They were in a Trail Blazer and made it over without a problem. A moment of hesitation cross my mind, but figured, “hell, my truck isn’t any wider than his…Don’t be a pussy.”

– I didn’t account for the extra 6” I had on each side because I was hauling the trailer…

The trailer tire clipped the railing of the bridge at about 15mph and jackknifed the back of my truck off the bridge.

There wasn’t any  major damage done and I didn’t get in any T-R-O-U-B-L-E, but we had to wait for a tow-truck to come out in the morning…was a pretty fun walk of shame with the tow-truck driver, policemen, and golfers. Don’t think we’ll get invited back this year, but it’s always cool to see your truck in the newspaper.  

Gives a whole new meaning to that HARDY song…”That’s what the 4×4 is FORE”



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