Kenton Bryant drops another killer new single “Way Back”


Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder who has a lengthy relationship with whiskey

We like to think that there is a common theme to all the songs we like the most. While it can change from artist to artist or track to track depending on the day there are certain things that if included in a song, we are gonna dig it. There are a few formulas that equate to success and we are pretty sure Kenton Bryant has one of them pinned down.

Heavy on the guitar, strong raspy lyrics that are catchy as hell and killer production work… we are starting to see a trend here. Kenton Bryant has this formula on lock in all his releases and this song is no different. “Way Back” is so damn good.  Just try to get it out of your head. A little bit of rock, strong country lyrics and damn if the hook isn’t gonna be struck in your head all day. Oh and it’s about the finest spirit a country boy could want; Whiskey.

Kenton penned this track with country traditionalist William Michael Morgan.  He told us “Way Back” is one for the up-all-nighters, front-row singers, and all my fans who love throwing back a little Kentucky bourbon. It’s always been one of my favorite songs to play live, and I’m damn proud to be releasing it to the world! ”

It has to just be a matter time before major record labels start knocking on the door to employ Kenton’s services. This guy has got the goods, mainstream appeal, great vibe on stage and well he has one of the formulas we talked about where we like all his damn music.   If he is in your area make sure to catch a show and you can hear even more of what he’s been working on. Hell, if you are lucky you might even be able to share a whiskey with him over at the merch table after the show. Get those experiences in while you can. That way you can tell your friends you and Kenton go “Way Back”



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