Austin Jenckes releases heartfelt song and video for his wife “Never Forget”

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder

True love is hard to find. It might seem so simple but to truly find someone that is your equal and you get to share your life with really is one of the greatest gifts someone can get in life. That is not to say that it’s not hard work; that’s part of the battle. Constantly showing the one you love that they mean the world to you in new and creative ways takes time, dedication and motivation.

So this Mother’s Day Austin Jenckes decided to use the ace up his sleeve. He’s giving his wife the gift that is sure to make her heart melt — a love song about their love story.

Love songs are one of those things that even with very specific personal stories, such as you hear in “Never Forget”, are so universally relatable.  Relatability with just the right amout of passion in his voice. Oh and Austin’s smooth voice really puts the work in on this song, as it does on every track he cuts. We can only imagine the smile on his wife’s face the first time she heard the track.

And this video… Wow! If you watch this puppy and don’t have a tear of joy well up in your eye, you might not be human. From the rainy wedding day they shared with all of their loved ones and ending with a genuinely beautiful ending. We will let you watch to see for yourself the story really is an envious one. Not perfect but perfect for the two of them just like true love.

So to all you lovers out there, whether you have the one in your life or are still trying to find them, give the most important people in your life the most precious thing you can. Time. Oh and don’t forget to keep trying to show them how much you love them in new ways. For some of us it isn’t as easy as writing a soulful tear inducing love song. 😉

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