Josh Gallagher signs distribution deal with Average Joes Entertainment

Special to Raised Rowdy

Keirsten Hedden, center, has teamed up with Average Joes Entertainment and signed Josh Gallagher, second from right. (Courtesy Photo)

Independent record label HeddenOnUp Entertainment has partnered with Average Joes Entertainment for an exclusive distribution deal and is set to debut its first artist, Josh Gallagher, a top four finalist from NBC’s The Voice, Season 11.

HeddenOnUp was founded by singer-songwriter Keirsten Hedden, who realized shortly after moving to Nashville in 2015, that Music City is a smorgasbord of independent talent, yet so few opportunities are attainable for those without major label support.

Inspired by iconic producer and entrepreneur Berry Gordy, being a songwriter and a label head was always in the cards for the North Carolina native.

“As an artist and songwriter, I’m well aware of the challenges my friends and peers face on a daily basis, especially the artists who sing to their own drum. The Josh Gallaghers of the world excite me, and I want music lovers to have easy access to talent like his,” Hedden said. “The industry norms are changing, and having a creative outlet for distribution is vital. Average Joes is a clever and competitive label, and we are thrilled to have this opportunity for our artists.”

HeddenOnUp and Average Joes are gearing up for the release of their debut co-venture with artist Josh Gallagher, set for early May.

Keirsten’s creative ear, talent and drive got them on our radar pretty quickly. “We’re excited to work with HeddenOnUp Entertainment and look forward to distributing the company’s upcoming releases,” Average Joes A&R representative, Forrest Latta said.

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