Priscilla Block drops new single “Thick Thighs”

Cole German – Raised Rowdy Contributor

The thing that I love the most about country music is that the songs are authentic and have meaning. I am not in to music that relies solely on a catchy tune or a cool beat. I want substance and country music gives that to me. Priscilla Block’s new single, “Thick Thighs”, is most certainly not short on substance.

The song combines impressive vocals, humor and a very powerful message all in one. Having been two years since she released her first EP Different Route, Block said that she wanted to take some time and really figure out what it is that she wanted to say. Citing her goals as wanting to write relatable songs that haven’t yet been done before. Block explained her past troubles with dieting, caring too much about what others thought and being told time and again what a female should look like if she wants to make it in the music business.

She says that Thick Thighs is her response to all of that. With help from songwriters Emily Kroll and Sarah Jones, Block sat down to write a song about “Being confident in the skin you are in, without taking yourself too seriously.”

Priscilla Block hit the nail on the head with this one. Excited to see where “Thick Thighs” goes!


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