Adam Sanders swings the country music pendulum with “Life I’m Livin'”

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder

Songwriting and being an artist don’t always go hand and hand in Nashville, but oftentimes the best person to sing a song is one of the people that helped pen the track. For Adam Sanders’ “Life I’m Livin'” that is exactly the case. His newest single is one of those tracks you just can’t imagine hearing another artist cutting once you hear Adam’s version.

Adam co wrote the track with Ben Stennis, who also produced the track and Josh Mirenda, who has some major cuts as well as hits of his own.

When asked about this song Adam told us “Life I’m Livin’ feels like “home” to me. I grew up on the stories and sounds of 90’s country and those roots still run deep in my music that I create today. I love how this song captures the “twang” of the 90’s, but still feels fresh and modern to fit today’s format of country music. I believe ‘Life I’m Livin’’ can be the perfect pendulum swing from the 90’s country so many fans still crave, to today’s country music that make this genre so diverse.”

We think Adam hit the nail on the head with that one. Upbeat, country as all hell and just a good time anthem.  Get this one rolling today.


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