Track Premiere Sam Grow’s “Love And Whiskey”

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder

What more can we say about Sam Grow than we already have. Our dude has a BIG voice, is a killer songwriter, has his own style that he stays true to, and is as loyal to his team as they come. So when we got the shot to premiere the title track from his album we leaped at the chance.

Love And Whiskey

Sam wrote “Love And Whiskey” with Chris Lindsey and the track talks about the extremes that love can bring. The swings of a passionate relationship can be one of the hardest things to endure. Sometimes the bad times are just as taxing as the good times are joyful. We all know this type of relationship and it will hit home with plenty of folks.

You can get the full album (Sam’s debut on Average Joe’s) May 3rd, but you don’t have to wait to grab it.

Make sure to download the album and save it to your playlists HERE.

The whole album is filled with songs just as great as the ones that Sam has released so far, we can promise you that.

Check out the track list with writing credits for all you nerdy folk who love that type of thing as much as we do.

Love And Whiskey

1. Boots  (Josh Thompson and Jason Saenz)
2. History (Nick Donley, Michael Hardy, Cam Montgomery)
3. God Mad Small Towns (Sam Grow, Michael Lotten, Taylor Phillips)
4. I’m Not Him (Sam Grow, Jimmy Yeary, Tim Nichols)
5. Battle of the South (Sam Grow, Michael Lotten, Taylor Phillips)
6. Drink About That (Sam Grow, Chris Lindsey, Taylor Phillips)
7. Love and Whiskey (Sam Grow, Chris Lindsey)
8. Dirty it Up f/Colt Ford (Sam Grow, Michael Lotten, Taylor Phillips, Colt Ford)
9. Nobody’s You (Sam Grow, Jason Mater, Ben Wells)
10. She Ain’t One Of Those (Sam Grow, Adam Craig)
11. Try (Sam Grow, Kyle Jacobs, Brian Bunn)
12. What We Wanna (Michael Lotton, Jason Sever, Brad Clawson)



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