Have you heard Justin Dukes latest single? You definitely need to “Get Around to That”

Katelyn Law Raised Rowdy Contributor

Hailing from the small town of Vidalia, Georgia, Justin Dukes made the move to Nashville right after college graduation to share his unique sound and storytelling songwriting. Justin has performed with country legends such as Joe Diffie, John Michael Montgomery and Shenandoah. You can hear the inspiration they’ve left on him by listening for the traditional country sound in his music. And now, we finally have another song to jam to!

“Get Around to That” is the perfect song to add to your weekend playlist. With an upbeat tempo, it sounds like its straight out of an old school jukebox. This new song tells the story of a young love, just blossoming and the importance of taking things slow. Justin sings about the initial meeting between himself and his new flame and details all the different directions the new relationship can go from “a one night kinda thing” to “end up together, last name on a doormat.”

The catchy song will no doubt have you tapping along to the beat, soon enough singing along. This song feels fresh and full of new possibilities and it’s the perfect soundtrack for a perfect day! So give it a spin! I know I will be!


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