Ray Fulcher’s new single, “Life After Your Leavin'” will help you get over your ex

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder


Nobody has time for a heartache. Specifically at this time of year with the flowers blooming, warm weather creeping in all over the country and our favorite, the start of concert season fastly approaching. So ole boy Ray Fulcher decided it was time to help out anyone that needed that little extra encouragement to get over their ex with his new single.

Ray wrote “Life After Your Leavin’“ with Shane Minor and Phil O’Donnell and the inspiration came from a very common emotional place. Ray tells us “I’ve always been a sucker for a song that said something, that isn’t even a super happy subject, but the song feels good and upbeat. It’s really about that moment where you are going through a breakup or whatever it is and you are not 100% back yet but it’s about that first day you wake up and you know you are alright. You see that light at the end of the tunnel, and you are not back yet, but you know you are going to get there, where as yesterday you were not sure”

I think everyone can agree they have had these moments, be it from a breakup or another type of emotional stress.  Life is too short to stay down too long so when you start feeling you are on the upswing, it really is a great relief. This track nails that emotion and the upbeat arrangement really hammers it home.

So let that heartache go. Ray and this song are here to help.


We are in great anticipation of Ray’s full EP which should be coming our way soon. We are excited to bring you guys a podcast at that time talking about each of the tracks a little more in depth so make sure to be on the lookout for that on iTunes and Spotify.

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