Crawford and Power release their most country song yet “Dancing Alone”

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy founder 

Country to the core with a 90’s country vibe, “Dancing Alone” is the latest release from one of our absolute favorites Crawford and Power. This song is bound to get some butts out on the dance floor shaking and grooving. I can hear this song in a set from someone like Joe Diffie or another mullet adorned country singer. You can imagine a line dance breaking out to this track and everyone just having a dang good time with it. The boys tell us “We wanted to write a pure country song for the girls with broken hearts who make this genre of music spin ’round.”

They did just that folks. The throwback style definitely still has that signature Crawford and Power twang — heavy on the Dobro and heavy on the catchiness. This one was co-written by the duo themselves Jacob Crawford and Ethan Power and also had some all star production and killer session players. (See below for the rundown.)

You can really visualize the woman in the song being fed up with all the boys pretending to be men and she is just out to have herself a good time without any distractions.

So without further ado, listen to this solid, country-gold track “Dancing Alone”.


“Dancing Alone” was written by Jacob Crawford & Ethan Power
Brian Kolb- Producer
Tim Brennan- Assistant Engineer
Troy Lancaster- Electric Guitar
James Mitchel- Electric Guitar
Kelly Back- Acoustic Guitar
Josh Shilling- Keys
Brian Fullen- Drums
Duncan Mullins- Bass
John Fox- Background Vox

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