Top 5 bands to convert your rock loving friends to COUNTRY

Jon Galiotto – Raised Rowdy Contributor


By a show of hands does anyone here “hate” country music? Anybody? Just as I suspected, everyone here loves country! Now by a show of hands does anyone have a friend or friends that “hate” country music? Pretty sure you answered yes, because we all have “those” friends.

Many of today’s country artists have been influenced by rock, pop and hip hop, as well as country music.  These influences have positioned their sound into a space that fits into multiple genres, AKA crossover artists.  This is where we see an opportunity for you to get your friends that “hate” country music to finally come to the dark side.

This top 5 will focus on converting your friends that love rock n’ roll (so put another dime in the jukebox baby).  The argument can be made that some of the first rock ‘n roll got its start with their roots in country music, AKA rockabilly.  I was thinking we could call this new hybrid rock n’ country or crock n’ roll or maybe country roll.  Feel free to let me know your suggestions.

When I think of rock I think of electric guitars, sweet long guitar licks and a beat that kicks you in the face all wrapped up into a smooth melody.

Top 5 Rock to Country Conversion Artists

  • The Cadillac 3 – We like to call them the baddest band in the land, but their southern rock sound puts them at the top of the list for converting Rock n’ Roll lovers. Just have your friends start with ‘The South’ and they’ll be hooked.  If you have the opportunity take them to a live show, they will feel right at home with plenty of face melting guitar riffs, long hair, and a show they will never forget.


  • Whiskey Myers – Whiskey Myers is another Southern Rock influenced powerhouse hailing from Texas that could serve as a gateway drug for your rock loving fans. ‘Lightning Bugs and Rain’ has that bluesy laid-back sound you would hear from a 60’s – 70’s classic rock band.  They have authentic lyrics with a smooth simple melody and a voice that draws you in.


  • Kasey Tyndall – Kasey is one badass that I think would have been best gal pals with some of the great rock ‘n roll chicks in history. When she played our Whisky Jam takeover in January, she rocked it out and commanded the stage.  “Jesus and Joan Jett” is a hard hitting rock influence song, sure to resonate with your rock loving friends.


  • Eric Church (especially his new stuff) – Eric Church is a self-proclaimed outsider and has always been on the fringe of Country music. His new stuff is definitely testing the edges and flirting with Rock ‘n Roll.  I would go as far as making the argument that everyone on the face of the earth could/should be a Church fan.


  • Hannah ‘Damn’ Dasher – Hannah has a classic rock sound with the big hair that you love to see on all your 80’s rock bands. She’s like Dolly Parton, if she used recreation drugs and slayed on electric guitar.  Her song “Stoned Age” has plenty of electric guitar, a smooth melody and would satisfy a classic rock craving fan.


  • Brothers Osborne – John Osborne has unmatched guitar skills that will surely leave your face melted into a puddle, while TJ’s deep raspy vocals leave you hanging on every word. You can test the waters with “It Ain’t My Fault” and move on from there.


Just as you eat an elephant one bite at a time, we say you convert a friend to country, one song at a time.  Use these breadcrumbs to lead your friends to the promise land of country music, AKA the dark side.  Let us know if you have any other artist/song suggestions.


P.S. – Sorry for the excessive use of AKA in this list…AKA my bad.

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