Deanie Richardson’s Bluegrass album, Love Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard Is Perfect For Full Moon Summer Nights


Fiddle extraordinaire, Deanie Richardson is having a career-defining year from being nominated for the Grammy award “Best Bluegrass Album” with female group Sister Sadie and their album Sister Sadie Ⅱ to releasing a new album.

Deanie is bringing the ultimate Bluegrass vibes, fiddle in hand with her new album, Love Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard. It has all true tellings of a bluegrass song from those fiddle riffs to talk about moonshine and death.

The 12 track record includes collaborations with Patty Loveless, Ronnie Bowman, and Dale Ann Bradley.

Deanie and Patty just tear our hearts up in their rendition of “Jack of Diamonds” arranged by Loveless’ husband Emory Gordy Jr. Patty’s vocals and Deanie’s fiddle bleed into each other creating a unique version that pairs blues and Appalachian fiddle sounds.

The lead single, “Stoney Mae” The raw track features Ronnie Bowman on vocals and leaves you singing the catchy chorus over and over, “Hey hey little Stoney Mae. Hey, little Stoney Mae. Can’t stop thinking about you night and day. Just about to lose my mind. Lord, I’m just about to lose my mind.” And we’re not the only ones who like it. The track is charting on Bluegrass Today’s Grassicana Weekly Airplay Chart.

Another of our favorites is “Chickens in the House.” The upbeat, fast track includes Deanie’s fire fiddle skills along with guitar, mandoline, bass, and banjo. This tune has us wanting to hop up and get down with a cold shot of whiskey.

Listen to any of the tracks on this album and there’s no denying Deanie’s amazing distinctive and unique fiddle style. She takes you on a journey through each song that will have your heart full one moment and your eyes filled with tears the next.

Whether your bluegrass obsessed or new to the genre Love Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard has something for everybody.


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