The Cadillac Three drop new music in signature style with “Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys”

Ryan McDonald- Front Row At A Cadillac Show

The Cadillac Three are seemingly always on tour.  Rocking venues of all shapes and sizes across the country and the pond while catering to their ever growing cult like fan base.  With that being said, it’s easy to forget they haven’t released new music since 2017’s Legacy, and even harder to figure out how they have time to write and record new material.  Their newest single “Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys” is yet another hit they wrote while on the road, this time with a little help from the cast of characters that are always with them on tour. If you’ve been to a Cadillac show, you’ve definitely seen Chris Grainger, (not) Jefferson Brown, Ben Dunn and Brandon (you’re my boy, blue) Wootten setting up, tearing down, and doing everything else in between to ensure the the show you’re at will be the loudest, most memorable gig you’ll be talking about for years.

“Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys” is the perfect jam as an intro for the highly anticipated new album by the Nashville trio who have known each other since high school.  Singer Jaren Johnston opens the song in pure Cadillac fashion, setting the table for a scene not unfamiliar with a Raised Rowdy crowd. “We got ice, check. We got coolers, check. We got cases of cold, domestic gold just waitin’ on the sun to set.”

Accompanied by a video from a recent show at Detroit’s St. Andrew’s Hall, that I was fortunate enough to be at, that perfectly captures them in their natural habitat. The verse gives way to a super hooky chorus that’ll have you reaching for another cold one to give your boys. “Pop the tops, crush the cans. Came koozie in her hand. Circle up them jacked up toys. Buzz is just right, it’s a Saturday night. Turn it up, let’s make some noise. Crackin’ cold ones with the boys.”  With drummer Neil Mason providing his customary hard driving percussion and Kelby Ray’s lap steel injecting bass, rhythm and everything else but the kitchen sink,  I have a feeling “Cold Ones” is just the tip of the iceberg to what we’ll be hearing when the new album finally comes out.  Legacy was such a monumental, important album that touched on a lot of sentimental feelings that had been waiting to be written.  With that accomplished, it’s time for the guys to let loose and put out a release similar to their live shows: ear splitting, face melting country damn fuzz.  We recommend doing some sort of training for your ears to prepare them for the rest of the new music the band has coming out.  Ear pushups? Are those a thing? You may want to make them a thing.

Having recently been on tour supported by a host of artists and bands including The Josephine’s, Kenton Bryant, Kyle Daniel, Ray Fulcher and Republican Hair, make sure you don’t miss The Cadillac Three out on tour this summer with Charlie Daniels and Travis Tritt on the Outlaws and Renegades Tour.

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